ONE-STEP SMOOTHING SYSTEM  $140 is based on new technology that strengthens, repairs and smooths the hair using naturally derived ingredients. By using a blend of enriched amino acids in conjunction with heat, the hair is temporarily elongated without the use of harsh chemicals, formaldehyde or alkaline ingredients. This amazing system will be accompanied by a scalp and neck massage and trim.



Our signature silk press is the best in the Pensacola area. Keeping in mind the health of your hair our technique allows your hair to withstand the humidity while maintaining the softness, bounce and shine that is rarely duplicated. 



While you relax and enjoy the therapeutic scents, you are shampooed three times to insure that the hair is clean to lay the foundation for the next step. Our shampoo is made with a proprietary blend of sulfate free and paraben-free cleansing agents. After conditioning, you are given a revitalizing cold rinse which helps to close the cuticle and seal in moisture.


  • Define Curls $50

  • Comb or Finger Twist $65

  • Two Strand Twist $65

  • Mini Two Strand Twist $80

  • Flat Twistout $60

  • Twist Style $65

  • Twist Style (with added hair) $75

  • Rods/Flexi $70

  • Straw Set $85

  • Updos (natural tresses manipulated into desired style):

    • Natural Hair $55

    • With Extensions (does not include hair) $65


Our Relaxer System contains quinoa extract which has 8 essential amino acids for hair strength and extends color treated hair. It is specifically designed for clients that prefer relaxed styles while maintaining the strength and integrity of the hair. We believe that you can have a healthy head of relaxed hair, however, the difference is how it is applied and how often. If you already have or are considering a relaxer, we have regimens ranging from 8 to 26 weeks. This amazing system will be accompanied by a scalp and neck massage and trim.


  • Virgin Relaxer (20 or more weeks of new growth) $100

  • Touch-up Relaxer $80

  • Halo Relaxer Touch-up (edges, sides, and back) $60



  • Shampoo & Deep Condition (steam/dryer) only $20

  • Steam Treatment (encourages blood flow to circulate promoting hair growth. Improves elasticity and moisture retention) $10


  • Hydro Loc Conditioning System (is crafted with the highest quality of ingredients to provide extreme moisture, slip protection and growth) $10

  • Boost Conditioning System (specifically formulated with quinoa extract, which repairs damage and infuses the hair with shine) $10

  • Carbon Scalp System (contains activated charcoal which is renowned for its detoxification properties) $10

  • Consultation (fee will be applied to appointments made same day) $25

  • Take Downs & Detangling $25


  • Big Chop $50

  • Design Cut* $30

  • Shaping $15

  • Trim $10



This innovative, dual action, ammonia free with macadamia oil gives your hair color a richer tone. Must be added to another service.

  • Trace (edges) $10

  • Retouch (new growth) $25

  • Full Color (full strand) $55

  • Highlights Full (12 foils) $45

  • Highlights Part (6 foils) $25

  • Additional colors (each) $10


These services give you the liberty to indulge in our top of the line Carbon Scalp System. It contains activated charcoal. It is formulated to cleanse, energize and calm the scalp. It contains essential oils that are known for their antiseptic and healing properties. It is a sulfate-free, paraben-free and drug-free product. This wonderful system will be accompanied by a stimulating scalp and neck massage. Upon completion, a stylist will then render services that have been tailored for you.



Interlacing three pieces of hair to form a plait or cornrow. Can be achieved with natural hair or extensions. (Cornrows, Ghana braids, Banana braids, Feeder braids, Dutch braid, Dutch mermaid, Didi, French braid, Halo) *Additional charge for thread or jewelry.



Straight or curly extensions sewn onto your braided hair and or net.

*Price includes cut and style. Does not include hair.

  • Full Head (with leave out) A portion of your hair is left out to cover hair that has been sewn in. $150

  • Full Head (with closure) All hair is braided. Extensions will be sewn onto hair with top left exposed to sew on closure. $175


Hair is braided in sections that leaves hair out around each section allowing versatility in parting and styling hair. $185



Hair is braided into a secure pattern that will be conducive for desired style. A interlock method will then be used to attach extension to braid. $85

*Price will reflect on density and length of natural hair as well as style. Pre-looped twist, locs or bulk; additional charge for thread or jewelry.



  • Palm Roll $65

  • Interlock $75

  • Extensions (hair not included) $85

  • Men Corner (cornrows in desires style) $50

  • Kids Cornersingle or cornrow (does not include braids) $50

  • Twist (single or flat) $50

  • With extensions (does not include hair) $65



  • Brows (Using wax, tweezers, and small trimmers we will accentuate one of your most important features. Adding balance and symmetry to your face) $15

  • Facial Waxing Service (Wax away any unwanted hair on face) $5-$20



20 minutes of bliss, this facial consists of a two step cleanse, a mask, and moisturizers fit for your skin. This is the perfect pick me up for those who are on the go.



The organic facial focuses on using the most gentle products for your skin, this facial is recommended for sensitive skin, and first time facials.



Our basic facial is customized just for you. It includes a cleanse, extractions, an exfoliator, mask and moisturizer fit for your skin care needs. This is a must for maintaining healthy and youthful skin.



If you feel as if you are struggling with the signs of aging, this facial will do wonders for your skin. The ageless facial is here to target all signs of aging. With the help of our products and some implements, you'll be looking younger in no time.



This facial specifilty targets clogged pores, the overproduction of oil and  the toughest blemishes. Our acne facial is super calming yet effective for those with problematic skin.



Have an event coming up or just tired of back blemishes? Our back “facial” is perfect for you! This body treatment includes a deep cleanse with steam, exfoliation, extractions, a mask, and followed up by moisturizers leaving you with soft blemish free skin.

(recommended 3-5 days before any event)




A non-invasive form of exfoliation that uses a diamond tip to buff the top layer of skin away. Clients with fine lines or wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and uneven texture are great candidates for microderm. This treatment starts off with a two step cleans and is followed by a mask and products fit for your skin.


A peel is a chemical exfoliator meant to target your different skin care concerns.

Every Peel will start off with a basic two step cleanse and follow up with products fit for your skin.

  • Acne Peel $60

  • Lightening Peel $60

  • Enzyme Peel $60

  • Ormedic Peel $60

  • Ageless Peel $60

  • O2 Peel $70

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