with Master Stylist, Jewels

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Curl Talk

For Natural Hair Enthusiasts in the Pensacola area who want to learn first-hand from Master Hair Stylist, Jewels about getting your natural hair to look, feel, do exactly what you want it too. We'll also reveal expert techniques in curl training your natural hair. We will dispel hair myths and reveal effective ways to detox and maintain your natural hair and of course ways to rock your beautiful curls.
Unity Salon Salon & Spa 
919 W.Michigan Ave 
Pensacola FL32505)

Sunday, April 30th

2pm to 5pm

Hosted By

Unity Salon

Come enjoy food, drinks, and the grab bag suprise

About  Jewels

Julia Jones, lovingly known as Jewels has been a Healthy Hair Enthusiast since high school, where she researched hair products and styles to practice on her friends and family. In 2008, Jewels enrolled in cosmetology school, where she quickly became fascinated with the science of hair. She obtained her Master Cosmetologist license in 2011. Starting off in her career, Jewels styled at salons that were also catering to Naturals, which influenced her passion for multi-textured hair. Simultaneously, she embraced her own natural curls in 2012. Since then, her research on natural and healthy hair care have been ongoing. Her passion for spreading every bit that she learns either from the salon or by research has driven her to publicly inform and demonstrate to other naturals how to embrace their natural texture the healthy way. Helping Naturals gain the education and confidence to responsibly care for their hair has become her mission.  
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/embracemenaturally/